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Yongjiang Hotel Nanning is located in the prosperous commercial center of Nanning, next to the beautiful Minjiang River, adjacent to the Metro Line 1 of the city center, Zhongshan Road Food Street, the ancient city wall of the Minjiang River Cruise, Lingnan Fengqing 3rd Street and Alley Pedestrian Street. , The ideal place for fitness and entertainment.

Yongjiang Hotel Nanning's architecture is grand and magnificent, with a continental decoration style, which makes people feel refreshed. All kinds of high-end and exquisite guest rooms are comfortable and first-class with comfortable bedding, which is an ideal place for guests to relax.

Sunshine City flavor food street, Grand Ballroom, and private rooms can provide a variety of dishes for your choice. The restaurant can provide 2000 dining seats. It is a business hotel with a large-scale banquet hall, flavor street, bar, multi-function hall, business floor and other services.
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  • m00119271
    Which is very nice
    Convenient food Street, Zhongshan Road in close proximity, adjacent to the yongjiang River, nice, next time again.
  • cmfei
    Hotel cost-effective, environment and facilities very good, but service was not good enough.
  • elaine_j20
    Surrounding is very lively, is a good place.
  • anniegolden
    That's good
  • ablesu
    It wasn't too bad
  • e06002790
    1, Interior renovation, facilities are good, but decorating taste great, old window won't open at all so I cannot ... 2, the hotel is located in the city centre, conveniently, was very close to the snack Street.
  • adrian_sun
    Famous five-star hotel, location is no way
  • jyanpon
    Within the hotel environment the overall good, but need to manage internal waste disposal stations, or hinder the perception and smell ... overall good hotel food, but the waiter often cannot do and communicate in the back, we order several times, it's almost finished, there are food staples or never, later told us nothing. this sort of thing twice. Providing free water, poor quality and brand, and a 5-star hotel do not match! health good
  • gaowei_cn
    All right
  • andelie
    Room was tiny, but equipped with a complete, very clean!
  • candy2277
    And we think it's great
  • ideaissu
    Travel to Nanning are generally the hotel, good location.
  • onegrain
    Old five-star natural has super five-star of experience. I wants to, yongjiang River hotel of core competitiveness should is service's, this is feel to of. addition, location also good, by snacks Street is near, meet a foodie of dream. I a friends live in a new of five-star, to see he intestines are regrets Green has. door station 40 minutes are no taxi. next also will selected this
  • engel_ann
    Good, convenient, next to food Street, Zhongshan Road, and his son lived yongjiang Hotel Nanning, son liked this
  • txy5125015931
    Great location, away from the street for a long time, very old hotel.
  • dlbaixue
    Room clean and spacious. air conditioning refrigeration effect is too bad! rectification as soon as possible!
  • apming1
    Associates book, this is one of my usual hotel ... recommended!
  • lancydong
    Hotel is located in the on the edge of the yongjiang River, near Zhongshan Road night market. the facilities, services, health is good! a perfect score!
  • demei
    All right
  • ftjn256
    Location is near the pedestrian streets, along with a nice, clean and tidy
  • gmpei
    Which is very nice
  • AlexandMaggie
    Affordable discount formal dining room has tea has hotel services delicious buffet breakfast or hotel on the edge of snack Street, Zhongshan Road is crowded in the evening snack over such a wide variety
  • free916
    Excellent, great room, with everything you need for a comfortable stay, suitable for business or leisure.
  • picxia
    Complimentary room upgrade Windows, service very good, a very good environment, lived in Nanning every time you come here, the restroom is the hair dryer is too old, the wind not to force, this is the only
  • Jian6818
    Really nice hotel, worthy of 5 star, good location, facilities, most notably service. the whole family had a great time in the open air swimming pool,. next time you subscribe here.
  • froging
    Hotel location is convenient, next to eat in a lot.
  • airmj
    Good good good good good good
  • Brad9
    Hotel service very good! high praise!
  • liufenggold
    Is located in the center of Nanning city commercial circle, very high cost performance, travel is easy.
  • e03407325
    Good location, next to Sun Plaza. room facilities are also available, is a little bit old. great service worthy of five stars. favorite breakfast, very clean.
  • jx651121
    Hotel River, located in the city center, warm service, it is worth staying
    Breakfast is also needs to be improved.
  • e00323560
    Very good choice, recommend to everyone, good
  • dean625
    Yes! right next to the pedestrian street, very convenient. staff very good, decoration and all that good, but rooms small points, which is the bathroom too small.
  • Ariel fleshy
    Nice hotel in the city centre is quite handy!
  • sweetivan
    Pretty good.
  • minipig3
  • app1e
    Second times staying has, live has 2 days are is good of, walking to hotel parking, found car of Qian document glass was hit has a article sewing, hotel adjustable monitoring found I of car 2 days are in parking not moving Hou, contact has insurance company to claims, a procedures down from morning 10 points to at 3 o'clock in the afternoon more, then to they insurance specified of 4s shop to maintenance. Security and front desk of both a small guy attitude to is good, was urgent with back Guizhou of I also didn't many said what. had to again more set live hasHotel day. but after the car repaired, a little after 5 o'clock in the afternoon, surnamed Liu, front desk manager to give me a call, claiming that the insurance company regulation monitoring, no see someone move my car, so the hotel will not be paid for, unless I'm convinced insurance companies, maintenance must be my own money to pay. I don't get it, I'm staying at you in the yongjiang hotel, you have the obligation and responsibility to protect guest property. Why don't you go look for insurance companies? Liu said,Situation has been reflected to the highest leadership, leaders said no, and Internet access is not afraid, hotels have a special counsel's. so said, I fear, a fear of delay time, two economic gain, day accommodation at more than 800, how much money a piece of glass? dingy home.
  • E00015857
    very good location,
  • Mr Cui
    Older hotels are convenient for transportation
  • lp6500
    Old hotel, a bit like the lujiang Hotel Xiamen. transportation is convenient, right next to the night market and Wanda Plaza, Zhongshan Road. hotel service very attentive, I feel very good. thanks the staff attentive.
  • George shengnuo
    Very good, recommended
  • drwangyajie
    Cheap, next time.
  • Giselle
    Like the name of yongjiang hotel, can feel the taste of yongcheng.
  • ceci1030
    Every time I'm staying in this hotel
  • xuexiaoyan_1980
    Selected every time you come here, reason is convenience, there is a famous snack next to the main street,
  • Gary.Luo
    Too old, will ever live.
  • colourwolf
    Help customers booked many times, very nice! very nice! very nice! very nice! very nice! very nice! very nice! very good! the second floor of the restaurant, cheap and delicious ... great location!
  • stanley1980
    Only one pillow, extra pillow was told that no